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Miles Williamson, from Tafeni Farm, runs a maize, beef and sheep operation
in the Swartberg district of East Griqualand. He has a flock of Dohne
merino ewes on which he uses Dohne rams to breed his replacements and
Hampshiredown rams for a terminal cross.
During the last lambing season Miles fed De Heus
Ewe Booster
for a
month before lambing started, at 200 g/day, then increased this to 300 g/day after
lambing and continued with this until the lambs were weaned. The lambs were
fed creep feed from an early age. During the past breeding season, he achieved
a conception rate of 98% in his ewes. As he scanned the ewes a little late he was
unable to establish the number of multiple births he would be getting.
Lambs are born in late March and April with the ewes running on pastures. He
starts weaning when the oldest lambs are 2 months old and weighing about 30
kg. All hamels and cull ewe lambs are put into the feedlot at weaning. They are all
dosed with
Lacticon S
on entering the feedlot. The lambs are fed a ration of 80%
maize and 20% De Heus
FLC 200.
Eragrostis hay is available at all times. As the lambs have been on a creep feed
most of their lives they readily take to the feedlot ration. By the time the lambs are
5 months old they have all been sold. The lambs weigh about 45 kg when sent to
slaughter and are all grade A2’s or A3’s. Dressing percentage is around 48%.
Miles chooses to feedlot his lambs straight off their mothers because then he has
a good strong animal to start with. As the ewes run on pastures during and after
lambing, losses to jackal are kept to a minimum. He also gets the lambs off their
mothers and the farm early. This means a quick return on his investment and it
enables him to return the ewes to an inexpensive feeding system sooner. The
price for fat lambs is very good at this time of the year.
At the 2016 Swartberg Farmers’ Association Fat-stock Show Miles won the ‘Best
Lamb on Show’, the ‘Champion’ and ‘Reserve Champion Lamb’ on show as well
as ‘The best pen of 4 lambs’. All having been fed on De Heus
FLC 200
and maize.
The ewes are in very good condition now after being fed De Heus
Ewe Booster
during the last lambing season. The intensification of this sheep
enterprise using De Heus products has paid very good dividends.
“I am very pleased with the results I get in the feedlot feeding
FLC 200
and Maize. There is virtually no wastage of feed with this ration. It also
mixes very easily in my vertical mixer “says Miles.
Author: Keith Todd
Technical Advisor: Extensive Ruminants
MilesWilliamson with his lamb that won the prize for the“Best Lamb on Show”, at the
2016 Swargberg Farmers Association Fat Stock Show.
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