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Sunrise Farm
Conestoga Simmentalers,
Excelsus Simmentalers &
Summit Simbras
Sunrise Farm
084 585 0508
Graeme Currin
082 893 8147
Sunrise Farm showed the following winners:
Simbra females:
Garrisford T1055 RAS Senior & Grand Champion
Garrisford T1570 RAS Junior Champion
Simmentaler females:
Garrisford T0881 RAS Reserve Senior & Reserve
Grand Champion
Garrisford T1515 RAS Junior Champion
Another successful show for the Garrisford Stud with
some stiff competition coming from the Free State and
Eastern Cape. Show cows and bulls were fed on De
Stud Pellets
, silage and hay.
Sunrise Farm Bulls will be on sale at the Tri Bull Sale,
Dundee, on the 5th of July. The bulls achieved 100%
pass rate on fertility.
They showed for 3 studs & had the following winners:
Excelsus Simmentalers
Grand Champion Female
Summit Simbras
Grand Champion Bull
Reserve Senior Champion Bull
Several 2nd, 3rd & 4th prizes were also won in the
Youth Show.
All the price winning animals were fed on
RumiComplete Stud Pellets
hay & pasture.
Bulls will be on sale at the East Griqualand Bull Sale in
August 2017.
Bruce Taylor - Sunrise Farm & Michele Roods - De Heus Technical Advisor
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