Bonus Tydskrif Winter 2023

Caused by a combination of temperature and humidity, heat stress is a common fact in many countries for longer or shorter periods. It creates a physiological imbalance in your animals. This imbalance affects animal health, welfare, and productivity. It has a negative impact on production and by that, it also negatively affects your farms’ profitability. A good reason to reduce heat stress or even better to prevent it. COOLCARE APP: ALERTS ABOUT HEAT STRESS BEFORE IT STARTS CoolCare is an all-round, preventive solution developed by De Heus that supports animal health, welfare, and fertility on your farm. Also, it reduces stress caused by heat. It takes a broad approach including management, nutritional and health strategies, and tools to help you to minimize the effects of heat stress on animal well-being and production. One of these tools is the De Heus CoolCare App. REDUCE THE IMPACT OF HEAT STRESS WITH THE UNIQUE COOLCARE APP Winter 2023 BONUS 8