Bonus Tydskrif Winter 2023

The Connected Workflow system works by syncing data from the office to the field and back again for simplified management of work, idle and transit time. The data can be used to create programs and strategies such as herbicide rate prescriptions for individual fields and is accessible by the operator through the Slingshot mobile app. With the incorporation of IntelliSpray II, the Guardian sprayers now offer the most precise nozzle control system on the market and ensure unmatched droplet coverage accuracy, up to 2,5 times more accurate than comparable systems. These enhancements help operators and growers optimize coverage, minimize skips and overlaps, and reduce input costs. The IntelliSpray II pulse width modulation system leads the industry with a broader range of applications – standard, bypass, variable pressure, high flow, high flow VP and on/off – higher flow and pressure ratings of up to 17% increased flow and operating pressure and greater level of accuracy due to its 20Hz pulse rate. The utilisation of Slingshot on the Guardian sprayers empowers operators and growers to make more data-driven decisions in and out of the field. Slingshot generates a high-level view of data from beginning through completion of a job, including traceability reports, application records, fleet efficiency track edits and transferable work orders. New Holland Agriculture is redefining its lineup of SP310F and SP380F Guardian front boom sprayers to feature new technological and precision capabilities. These sprayers integrate the advanced precision technologies from Raven with the high horsepower and large tanks New Holland sprayers are known for, to enhance efficiency in and out of the field while covering more hectares per hour in the field. “The advancements made to the Guardian front boom sprayer are really elevating the operator experience in the cab while improving application accuracy and the quality of data collected,” said Jason Hardy, global product manager for New Holland Sprayers. “These upgraded units are connecting many components of an operation and data points for owners and operators to find more efficiency and profitability, as well as empowering them to make more informed agronomic and logistical decisions.” This lineup of Guardian sprayers incorporates precision technologies Slingshot® from Raven and IntelliSpray™ II. The data generated from these features are collected, streamlined and aggregated by Raven’s Connected Workflow™ system. Connected Workflow™ and Raven precision technology New Holland launches upgraded lineup of Guardian™ front boom sprayers Winter 2023 BONUS 10