Bonus Tydskrif Winter 2023

Improve your animals’ health by boosting their Natural Power As any farmer knows, productive animals are the key to efficient and sustainable farming. By improving your animals’ health, you will get the most out of your operation. Efficient on-farm production is more important than ever in today’s changing agricultural climate. Prices of meat and other animal products are increasingly volatile, as are input costs. But it is not just about the day-to-day business of running a farm; consumer awareness around animal welfare and sustainability is also growing year by year, and farmers cannot afford to ignore this long-term trend. A clear pathway to healthy animals Animal health is key to optimal farm productivity. Healthy farm animals produce more with similar, or even lower, input. This puts less pressure on the planet’s shrinking resources. Optimal health also goes hand in hand with better animal welfare and the reduced use of antibiotics. However, keeping your animals healthy means investing time and effort. Preventing antimicrobial resistance The use of antibiotics, either as a curative or preventive measure, is common in animal farming. Many antibiotics used to treat animals are also used in human medicine, but this combined usage can cause bacteria to become resistant to medicines. This presents a threat to human healthcare. Fortunately, it is possible to reverse this trend through responsible antibiotics usage. At De Heus, we have developed the Natural Power programme to offer you a clear pathway to healthy, highly productive animals. The programme is based on three pillars, each with its own unique focus points: • Nutrition • Management • Health Optimal nutrition and feed management The focus points for the nutrition pillar are optimal nutrition combined with the right feed management strategy. Our specialists will advise you on the right feed, as well as the right feed management approach, for all your animals across each stage of life. Winter 2023 BONUS 8 i ter 2023 BONUS 14